[rescue] Wanted: Atari ST internal floppy for Mega 2 (SF314, etc)

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Thu Jul 14 14:25:40 CDT 2011


  Working to bring a Mega 2 up to full functionality. The floppy drive 
isn't working. I'm going to take more of a shot at repair of it, but am a 
bit lost.

  If anyone has a SF314 floppy drive hanging around... I can get the system 
to work with a normal PC floppy drive that has a jumper for DF0/DF1, but 
the original has a funky bezel so it fits the Mega 2 case.

  There is a test point on the drive and when it's reading I see data on 
the oscope so data is making it from the head onto the main logic board. 
Going to double check that the head stepper is working. Can't find any 
info on disk drive realignment for 3.5" drives.

  Let me know the asking price or if you're interested in trades!

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