[rescue] sunos 2.0 install help?

Michael Thompson michael.99.thompson at gmail.com
Wed Jul 13 18:43:59 CDT 2011

> Date: Wed, 13 Jul 2011 09:25:35 -0400
> From: Brad Parker <brad at heeltoe.com>
> Subject: [rescue] sunos 2.0 install help?
> Does anyone have those printed sheets (or a scan of them) which came
> with SunOS 2.0?
> I'm trying to do a sunos-2.0 install and it's not working.  I copy the
> miniroot to the swap partition
> and boot the kernel but it asks for the root device and panics.
> the sunos 2.0 seems to want to mount sd(0,0,0) no matter what, so I must
> be missing args or a step
> in the install.
> Anyone know the magic?
> b st()
> st(0,0,2)
> copy st(0,0,4) to sd(0,0,1)
> b st()
> sd(0,0,1)vmunix
> [asks for root device] sd0
> panic...
> -brad

>b st()
Boot: st(0,0,4)
Size: some_number+some_number+some_number bytes
Standalone Copy
From: st(0,0,5)
To: sd(0,0,1)
Boot: sd(0,0,1)vmunix -as
Size: some_number+some_number+some_number bytes
Sun UNIX 4.2 Release 3.2 (GENERIC)
Config messages
root device? sd0*

You need the "-as" option when you boot vmunix and you need the
asterix after the root device name.
Michael Thompson

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