[rescue] Dec/Compaq ES40 & OpenVMS

Sheldon T. Hall shel at artell.net
Wed Jul 13 14:14:01 CDT 2011

Saith Mark Benson ...
> On 13 Jul 2011, at 17:30, "Sheldon T. Hall" <shel at artell.net> wrote:
> > I've got a couple of O'Reilly books in PDF format on my Kindle, and 
> > the readibility is only so-so.
> Pro tip for reading PDF manuals on Kindle is use it in 
> Landscape mode. It makes the font much larger :)

That does improve things, but I imagine that a real reformat of the document
would be better.  Of course, I could be wrong.  I was wrong, once; I thought
I'd made a mistake but found out later I hadn't.


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