[rescue] one more try before the dumpster

Doug Simmons arinekhen at gmail.com
Wed Jul 13 11:48:10 CDT 2011

E250 1.5GB ram, dual procs and PS's, six drives, mostly nines, video quit.
two 911 enclosures, both power up. One is empty and one has four Ultra160
drives of unknown size.
a sparcstation with a dead battery which you have to stuff with a MAC to
make boot
boxed E250 documentation set
two 4mm tapes for the tape drive
bag of 16 Sun Ultra memory sticks of various sizes
two NIB Quantum 9gb drives
type 5c keyboard missing one key
NIB 32x TEAC SCSI cdrom drive
Syquest external SCSI drive and 6 44MB cartridges for it.

It's all in two boxes ready to go, either to someone here or the dumpster.

Southern Illinois, Carbondale area.

Doug Simmons

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