[rescue] Dec/Compaq ES40 & OpenVMS

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at verizon.net
Wed Jul 13 06:14:31 CDT 2011

As I go through my pile of treasures, I 'rediscovered' the ES40 I got at the Princeton Surplus Sale maybe from two years ago, still untested. As I prepare to clean it up and test it, I've had visions of putting OpenVMS on it - anyone got any good pointers to resources for this effort?

The specs of the box are unknown, it appears to have been built on 08/08/1999, and was most likely removed working. It may have an OS installed, since the surplus shop folks didn't know how to wipe it (but the CS guys who sent it down might have wiped it), 

Anyway, curious to find some reading material before I start working on this beast - anyone got some good links? I guess I should be be applying for a hobbyist license so I'll have it handy when I get around to powering up the box...

Thanks in advance,


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