[rescue] V240 CPU fans

Barry Keeney barryk at chaoscon.com
Sat Jul 2 19:43:37 CDT 2011

On Sat, 2 Jul 2011, Joshua Boyd wrote:

> I have a V240 that says a fan failed:
> MB/P1/F0             RS              failed (0 rpm)
> Has anyone dealt with this before?  From the looks of it on ebay, a
> complete new heatsink unit with two new fans on it is about $40-60.  My
> theory is that is likely easier than replacing just the single fan, plus
> the other one may be over-worked now since I don't know how long it has
> been carrying the load of two.
> Is this a fairly easy clip on operation, or is it likely to turn out to
> be involved with torque wrenches and spreading thermal paste, just so.
> If the later, I might be tempted to just replace the machine, since the
> replacement unit is already a significant fraction of the cost of just
> replacing the machine.

   To replace the heatsink and fans, pretty easy. The replacement kit has
everything needed.

   Replacing a single fan can be hard with the heat sink still attached to
the CPU. If I remember correctly the fans on one of the CPU's is next
to impossible while attached to the CPU/motherboard. Once removed the
fans themselves are easy to remove, if you can find a replacement fan.

   I'm pretty sure the CPU's use simple clips.

   Last time I replaced one the Sun field server guy told me a trick,
*LIGHTLY* turn the heatsink back and forth before trying to remove it
otherwise it wants to pull up the CPU and bend pins.

   It shouldn't be any harder then doing the same thing on a PC.

good luck!

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