[rescue] Looking for deskside VME-based Sun 3/4

Josh Dersch derschjo at mail.msu.edu
Sat Jan 29 01:54:54 CST 2011

Hi -- new to the list, posted a query at cctalk and it was suggested I 
try here as well --

Title says it all; I'm basically looking for a VME-based Sun workstation 
with 5 or 6 slots -- something that's a nice middle ground between the 
cramped 3-slot machines and the huge 12 and 16-slot ones.   It doesn't 
have to be complete or running, but a working power supply would be 

I'm trying to find a suitable host for my Symbolics UX400 (a VME-based 
lisp coprocessor for old Sun machines), and the Sun 3/140 I have doesn't 
seem to be able to keep the UX400 cool enough (it crashes quite frequently).

Anyone (preferably local to Seattle) have something that fits the bill 
going spare?  I can trade a bunch of Sun3 hardware :).

- Josh

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