[rescue] PHP developers wanted for manx project

Richard legalize at xmission.com
Tue Jan 25 12:55:23 CST 2011


Many of you are familiar with the manx database of documentation.
Paul Williams has handed over the future of this project to myself and
I've created its replacement at <http://manx.classiccmp.org>.
Originally I had only a database dump and the original web site as a
reference.  I recreated most of the functionality in PHP before Paul
made available his original Perl scripts for reference.  Using the
perl scripts, I finished off the rest of the functionality in PHP.

I am looking for some developers comfortable with PHP to extend manx
to allow community contributions.  One of the main reasons that Paul
got burned out maintaining manx is that all updates had to travel
through his own hands.

The new manx is an open source project under GPLv2 at
<http://manx.codeplex.com>.  If you view the issue tracker you can see
the few known problems as well as the features I intend to add to manx
to support community contributions.

We are all aware of the time slicing we do to support our vintage
computing efforts and lately my time hasn't been as available for manx
as it was when I did the first implementation push.  The existing code
is pretty clean and is covered with a unit test suite so that you can
know that changes you make haven't broken anything else unexpectedly.

If you would like to contribute to the development of manx to support
community contributions, please contact me.  I'm thinking just one or
two more people will be enough to make forward progress.

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