[rescue] NuBus cards available

Doug Simmons dsimmons at lib.siu.edu
Sun Jan 23 20:56:37 CST 2011

I have some 50-pin scsi drives you can have for shipping. WIll dig through the
boxes if sun pulls would help you. I know nothing about q700s.

Doug Simmons


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Subject: [rescue] NuBus cards available

Pulled these out of the Quadra 700 that I'm using for the MacIvory.
They look pristine and brand new, although I have no way of testing.

- Mass. Micro Systems "QuickImage 24" framegrabber card.

"The QuickImage 24 Video Frame Grabber Card is a $995 NuBus card that can
 capture 24-bit color and eight-bit gray-scale images in real time from
 any NTSC (National Television System Committee) or PAL (European) video
 sources."  Part number 1001106 Rev. A

- Apple Computer part # 820-0511-A "Twisted-Pair Ethernet Card".

I would use this myself but the Q700 only has two NuBus slots.  Has a
Sonic-T chipset.

For sale/trade to anybody who can use them.  What I really need is a 2G or
larger 50-pin SCSI hard disk that I can use in the Q700 without much
trouble, or a DB25 mac-SCSI to HD50-sun-SCSI cable (and a HD50 terminator)
so I can use an Apple CD-ROM drive in a Sun external enclosure.


Bill Bradford
Houston, Texas
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