[rescue] ELO TouchSystems

Rick Hamell hamellr at gmail.com
Fri Jan 21 20:14:33 CST 2011

I've pulled several ELO Touchsystems out of storage at work;

The model is: http://www.elotouch.com/products/computers/15A1/

This is the full monitor and computer in a single unit,

Intel Celeron, 1ghz, 40GB hard drive, 512MB of RAM, Windows XP Pro for 
Embedded. Several USB ports, ethernet, Sound jacks, PS2 Keyboard.

Anyone know if Linux of some sort will run on them? Or have another 
suggested use for one or two? They're a bit heavy (and tethered to 
power) for use as a remote access device.

I was thinking of an in-cabinet recipe system in the kitchen, but my 
wife would kill me if I tried to modify any of the cabinets in our newly 
remodeled kitchen to hold it. :(

Rick Hamell

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