[rescue] RE: need Num Lock keycap for IBM Model M

Earl Baugh earl at baugh.org
Fri Jan 21 12:12:14 CST 2011

Do you need the cap that goes on the base (some Model M's are set up that
way) or the solid key (no removable top).
I've got some around here, from ones that bit the dust (though the 5 I still
have are all excellent... I use one at work.. and
got a Unicomp one for my Mac/PC USB switch box combo... pretty cool, esp.
since they have special keycaps for the Option and Command... so my keyboard
has two personalities...one side Mac, one side PC...)

 Speaking of Keyboards, Bill, I had a note in my mail that I was looking for
an original AT keyboard for you (sorry didn't see it until I was cleaning up
my mailbox recently...)  You still need it?  (I've got the garage finally to
the point where I can search where I think it might be...)


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