[rescue] Free for pickup: APC UPSes

Jonathan Sturges jonathansturges at yahoo.com
Wed Jan 19 12:46:16 CST 2011

I have a bunch of old APC UPSen, of various sizes, that need to either be 
adopted or scrapped.  All their batteries are dead, but they otherwise work 
(with few exceptions; see comments below).

Name (model):
*  Back-UPS 450 (BACK-UPS 450)

*  520ES UPS (520ES) (looks a lot like the BK600)

*  Back-UPS 600 (BK600) (I have replacement batteries with the wrong terminal 
size for this unit, if someone wants to crimp some new terminals on the UPS' 

*  Smart-UPS 1250 (SMART-UPS 1250)

*  Smart-UPS V/S 1400 (SMART-UPS VS1400)  (The "Value Series", AFAIK, have 
Smart-UPS power output but only simple signaling for monitoring.  This UPS was 

about the batteries last week, but is not alarming this week;  YMMV.)

*  Smart-UPS 2200 (SU2200NET)  (This unit is very heavy and the only one I can't 

say 100% if it works.  It was abandoned when I got it, and I had to re-solder 
the front panel ribbon cable.  It powers on and gives the bad battery signal, so 
I believe it works.  No network interface module is installed, but it does 

have a slot for them.  It is missing the lower-half of the front bezel (the 
piece that covers 

the battery door.))

No signaling cables or other accessories included.

Please let me know off-list if you have any questions and/or interest.
All are in Northern VA, USA (ZIP 22180), and must be picked up locally due to 


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