[rescue] PDP flip chips and memory boards, many lbs. worth

Michael Thompson michael.99.thompson at gmail.com
Tue Jan 18 18:25:50 CST 2011

> I have many pounds, well over 100lbs., of DEC PDP "flip chip" modules.
> I have to charge for them, but would like to sell all of them, all at
> once, to 1 person if possible, at a per-lb price ($8 per lb).  Given
> that these flip chip modules are not very heavy this works out to well
> under $2 each, I think.
> Are there any PDP collectors on this list - I know there used to be but
> perhaps this stuff is just too old these days.
> Cordially
> Patrick Giagnocavo
> patrick at zill.net

There still are PDP collectors here. I am a volunteer for the Rhode
Island Computer Museum working on an 11/10, 11/34, 11/35, 11/45,
11/70, 11/83, and 11/93. There is no way the museum could afford to
pay $800 for your collection though.

Michael Thompson

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