[rescue] Computer bits clean-out, part 1

velociraptor velociraptor at gmail.com
Mon Jan 17 01:33:23 CST 2011


Since there's been some older SPARC love on the list recently, I
thought I'd post up the latest culling of my computer bits herd.  All
are free for local folks (LV, zip 89108) or for the cost of postage (a
buck or two for the geek slush fund is appreciated but not necessary),
unless otherwise noted.  Prices include shipping to CONUS.  Fleabay
username: utahraptor if you want to check feedback.

3x Sun Compact 1 mice, used but in v. good shape (3 purple buttons, mechanical)
1x Sun crossbow mouse (new, also mechanical)
1x Sun 5 keyboard w/cable, needs a serious cleaning
1x Sun 5c keyboard, needs light cleaning

1x Sun Aurora Disk Drive Bracket for SS4,5,20 (p/n 540-2570)

2x disk spuds 540-2034 (no torx screws)
1x disk bracket for Sun purple AMD workstation (has no part number,
came from one of the Sun Java workstations w/PATA disk).

1x DB13W3 male to VGA female adaptor
1x DB13W3 female to VGA male adaptor

3x SCSI SCA male to 68-pin female adapters


$8 -- 1x Belkin Omni Cube 2-port PS/2 KVM (model F1D092), no cables or
power supply, takes DC 9V, 600mA
1x Belkin Sun adapter (model F1D082), to use PS/2 keyboard & mouse
and/or VGA monitor on a Sun
1x Belkin OmniView Mac Adapter (F1D080), to use PS/2 keyboard & mouse
and/or VGA monitor on an ADB Mac

$4 ea --  2x sets of replacement Thinkpad keyboard "joy stick" mice
eraser heads, 5pcs ea.
$10 --  1x NIB Belkin Wireless G Notebook card, part # F5D7010

$15 -- 1x IOGear 2-port, "all-in-one" USB/VGA KVM with audio, (model
GC5632U). Note this will not work with Apple Aluminum keyboards, which
is why I am getting rid of it; it worked great with my original Matias
TactilePro (which I may also be selling).

I also have my Matias up on geekhack.org for anyone interested:
Stuff on the "free" list will be going to the recyclers if not claimed.


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