[rescue] SCSI-Ethernet on an 68040 Macintosh

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Sun Jan 16 10:47:29 CST 2011

On Sun, Jan 16, 2011 at 10:35:04AM -0600, Jonathan Patschke wrote:

>>Don't forget you can do localtalk through the serial ports, at 115kbps.
>>Just connect it to another mac's serial port using an imagewriter
>>printer cable.
>That might be reasonable.  I have a network-connected Mac underneath the

Will that actually work? I've only done it, even host to host with a 
localtalk cable. 

Actually the best way, to expand on what I had said before, would be to
connect it to the Mac with the ethernet and run localtalk router on it.
Then connect via the ethernet to a PC running Netatalk and an old enough
version of linux that the ethertalk kernel mod works (is it still current?).

Then you can image the disks on the mac with the floppy drive, convert copy them
over to the Mac in the middle and then copy them via the Mac to the linux 
machine. There you can burn disks, run them with emulators, whatever.

If you need two localtalk transcievers, I probably can send them to you, but it
would be better to get them from someone closer. :-)

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