[rescue] Enterprise 3000/3500 and StorEdge A5000 rescue

pete leaknoil at charter.net
Fri Jan 14 02:25:57 CST 2011

That is the most common problem I've seen on FC drives. It isn't the 
shipping usually though. The e-recyclers just yank them out of the 
arrays and toss them in a pile. They are pulling a hundred plus drives 
out of a rack. They don't waste time being careful or anything. The ic's 
are usually recessed far enough to survive but, not always. Those 
inductors stick out and are fragile.  Every bad FC drive I have bought 
off ebay came with either broken inductors on the circuit board or a 
broken FC connector.  Every single one was claimed a working pull. Of 
course it was working before pulled so, technically they weren't lying 
in a way.

On 1/13/2011 11:59 PM, Mr Ian Primus wrote:
>   I've had one or two bad ones. In one
> case, I had a few Fujitsus that were shipped improperly, and some small
> inductors were crushed on the drive circuit boards. A couple of these faulted
> immediately like that, others ran for a few months before finally failing.
> -Ian
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