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Fri Jan 7 14:12:30 CST 2011

On Fri, 07 Jan 2011 14:14:52 -0500, Patrick Giagnocavo <patrick at zill.net>
> On 1/7/2011 11:08 AM, Dr Robert Pasken wrote:
>> Exactly what is crappy about the 2wire boxes? I have had AT&T U-verse
>> for 2 years and have been wondering what's in/special about the 2-wire
>> box. I do know that I had to install a second router (cisco-800 series)
>> behind the 2-wire to keep AT&T from prowling around my home network.
>> Besides the logs showing them poking I also got a calling from the
>> claiming I was a business becuase I had a Sun-480 on the network.
> Jaw drops ... !!!
> They give you a device that then lets them poke around your network!?!
> How insane is that ...

This is one of the reasons I bought a cable modem, and bought a TiVo - the
only piece of equipment I rent from my cable company is the cable card that
goes in my TiVo (and if I could own that, I would).

I am always uneasy if I have to lease anything, even if it at "no cost" to
me, it's not my property, and if it's a piece of network equipment in my
house, I want to own it and have jurisdiction over it.

My blood still boils when I think about dealing with old coax cable
causing signal issues when I moved into my apartment.  Just getting the
cable company to send someone out was an ordeal and a half.  When they
finally sent someone out, they kept warning me that if they had to do any
work inside where I lived, I'd be charged extra fees.  I took time off from
work so I could meet with the repair guy, and he ends up replacing the wire
that ran from a junction outside the house, 50 or so feet across the side
of the house and up to the second floor where my apartment is, then through
a hole under the sill of a window.  Because it didn't terminate outside the
house, but ran for another 20 feet inside the house, the guy tried to tell
me he was doing work inside the house by replacing that cable.  I nearly
lost it, and fortunately the guy backed down, but made it seem like he was
doing me a big favor for not charging me for replacing that cable.

- Nate

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