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Scott Newell newell at cei.net
Fri Jan 7 09:54:26 CST 2011

At 11:44 PM 1/6/2011, Chad Fernandez wrote:

>My experience was with Comcast's analog cable TV.  Service would go 
>out completely, channels would have snow in them, when things 
>started going more digital on their end I'd get a choppy digitized 
>picture, they'd take away channels and give me channels that nobody 
>would want, and raise the price so they "could

Cox analog CATV here.  I've also noticed a degradation in the analog 
channel quality (pixelation, audio sync problems, weird little pauses 
in the video, audio clipping distortion) over the last few years, 
almost as though they're trying to provide an incentive to upgrade to 
their cable box service tiers.  Not to mention that they can't get 
the channel ID datastream correct (OOB data?), frequent channel 
'realignments' for no obvious reason, and they are *very* quiet about 
the free and clear QAM signals.

My gut feel has always been that if they can't get their core 
business, TV, right, why would I ever trust them with data?  (Not 
that I have much love for our telco.)

newell  N5TNL 

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