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>  That was before the USPS became a private company.
> I know surface was dropped, but how is the USPS a private company?  The
> information* I find, says it's an "independent government agency" and has
> elements of both govt. and a private corporation.
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The US Postal Services is a wholly owned subsidiary of the USA Federal
It is not a private company; it is only made to look like a private company.
The USA Federal Government (that is, the USA Taxpayer) funds all capital
The USPS is suppose to fund Operation Expenses through the postal fees.
The USPS never makes enough money to cover its operational expenses and,
therefore, never makes payments for its capital expenditures.
The USPS employees are Civil Services of the Federal Government.
The USPS employees receive benefits through the Federal
Government--insurance, pensions, etc.
The upper management of the USPS are political appointees.
The Tennessee Valley Authority is another wholly owned subsidiary of the USA
Federal Government.
The USPS, by the way, has its own Law Enforcement department.  These
officers have uniforms, same as the local, county and state law enforcement
departments, marked cars, radios, and weapons.  The USPS Law Enforcement
department also has detectives, etc.

Personally,  I don't care if the USPS ever makes a profit--I don't find that
the factor in its creation.  The USPS performs a service for all the
citizens in an effort to create a working and effective republic.

People, usually Federal Government employees, family of FG employess, etc.,
always say that the USPS is self-sustaining but the financials say

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