[rescue] test

Bill Green bill at supposedly.org
Thu Jan 6 23:32:11 CST 2011

On 1/6/2011 9:08 PM, Bill Bradford wrote:

> Comcast basically configures their box as a straight bridge and hands me a
> list of IPs and an Ethernet port, which is what I wanted.  I run my own
> DNS and everything else, all I want is transit/connectivity.

Comcast is answering reverse DNS queries for ohno.mrbill.net's address, 
so I assume it is simply "a list of IPs" and not your own subnet?  Can't 
complain about the price, though, and I, unlike a lot of people, never 
had any problems with Comcast's residential service.  I even got 
consistently higher speeds (by several Mbps) than what I was nominally 
paying for.


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