[rescue] test

Chad Fernandez chad.fernandez at att.net
Thu Jan 6 23:26:59 CST 2011

On 1/7/2011 12:08 AM, Bill Bradford wrote:
> I actually just *cancelled* my UVerse connection (well, once my phone
> number gets ported to my VoIP provider).  The way AT&T wanted to do
> "static IPs" was 1:1 NAT through the crappy 2Wire gateway box.

Keeping in mind that I don't know networking......... why is the 2wire 
box crappy?  I did have a remote go bad, and my Wifi adapter would quit 
intermittently.  I "fixed" the wifi adapter by replacing it with a 
network cable.  To my knowledge the 2wire "gateway" has been fine. 
Sometimes my service goes out late at night, for a few minutes, but I've 
always assumed AT&T was doing maintenance.

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA

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