[rescue] Free Stuff (Battle Creek, MI 49015)

Chad Fernandez chad.fernandez at att.net
Wed Jan 5 19:47:07 CST 2011


The only time I touch this stuff is to move it out of my way.  I've sold 
some stuff in the past, but now I'm ready to give the rest away.  I 
won't be shipping anything.  However, you're welcome to make the drive 
and paw through everything.  I don't care if you intend to sell items on 
ebay....... I don't have the patience to do it all.

There is Apple // stuff
IBM PS/2 Stuff....... that's a 9595 sitting there
general PC SCSI stuff
1 Sbus card
Pioneer laserdisc player...... I've actually got another home model I'd 
let go too.
360K drives
Yamaha CDRW
the loose hard driver are wide differential
blah blah blah....... ask questions, I guess...... I could go on forever.

slide show





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