[rescue] To all I've said I will look into thing for...

Ian King IanK at vulcan.com
Tue Jan 4 13:43:21 CST 2011

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> No guarantees on anything I've said, as I haven't been at home, but I
> will be finally tomorrow so I can actually check my (and my work's)
> stashes.
> If I've bit on any requests, remind me what they were so I can verify
> if I even have the equipment, and then figure out how to get it to
> you. :)
> Sorry to spam the list, I just have been really disorganized and want
> to follow up on anything I've said the past month.
> It is housecleaning season for me, so I may post an actual inventory
> at some point. (Might even get rid of the Novas this time)
> P.S. to Ian King: Sorry, your for-parts voyager must've gotten tossed
> in my absence :(

Thanks for looking!  Maybe I'll just have to learn how to fix the screen unit
I have.  Or maybe some other kind soul on this list will just happen to have
an extra 501-2494 framebuffer card.  Or maybe that guy on ePay will come to
his senses and realize that a non-functional Voyager without a keyboard, mouse
or case just isn't worth $500....  -- Ian

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