[rescue] Happy New Year! RIP, Sun/Solaris...

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Sun Jan 2 20:03:21 CST 2011

>>> OpenBSD runs extremely well on my Sun hardware (including multiprocessor
>>> E250). But as mentioned previously, it's rather primitive.
>> OpenBSD is normally what I run on sparcs, but this one has a bad 
>> onboard NIC.  No obsd driver for the PCI card I had on hand, so I 
>> ended up with debian.
> I run OpenBSD on my firewall box, which is a single-core Intel-based box
> with a QFE, running off a smallish CF card.  It's fast on the old
> hardware, has a tiny footprint, and is good at its job.  It'd pretty
> much suck as a user desktop ... but I'm not making any attempt to try to
> use it as one, so that's fine.
More or less the same here. My firewall and http server are OBSD and 
work quite well on older hardware. OBSD is really simple to set up and 
easy to set up securely. The OBSD SS5 I had before the current 900MHz 
Intel box finally didn't handle the bandwidth, so I "upgraded."

I have started to look into OBSD as a desktop and found it promising. 
The toughest thing in the first round of problems was getting flash to 
work in a browser. The ports collection has some pretty good stuff for 
firewalls, web servers, file servers and even desktops. I'm not sure I 
will ever give up my Slackware desktop for OBSD, but I'll probably try 
that before I go to Windows.


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