[rescue] Happy New Year! RIP, Sun/Solaris...

Robert Darlington rdarlington at gmail.com
Sun Jan 2 12:50:06 CST 2011

Can anybody verify if I can get security patches for Solaris 10 without
paying Oracle?  If not, this thing is getting dumped and OBSD is getting


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>  Haroldkarl wrote:
> "Subject: [rescue] Happy New Year! RIP, Sun/Solaris...
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> So, now that one needs a service contract to even download Solaris or
> patches, what is the modest Sun enduser to do? What flavor of Linux (with a
> GUI!) will handle fibre channel?
> Oh well... Happy New Year anyway!!!!
> haroldkarl"
>  Just took a look at it and you don't. You now need to have an "Oracle
> Technology Network" signin rather than the Sun signin, but you can still
> download it for free. Note that it looks like they've changed the license
> yet
> again and now the free version is "only for the                purpose of
> developing, testing, prototyping and demonstrating your
> applications, and not for any other purpose." As has been standard for a
> while
> you don't get any patches, either.
> As far as other OSes I'm becoming more and more a proponent of the xBSDs.
> There seems to be much less "rattling of the apple cart" from there than
> Linux
> has. Sadly you do need to know your text consoles to use it, and (except
> for
> the efforts to get ZFS on BSD) the filesystems aren't as advanced.
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