[rescue] SVR3 man pages

Mark Brown sunrescue at marknmel.com
Sun Feb 27 14:45:29 CST 2011

> That sounds a whole like UnixWare which had BFS. This wasn't SCO at all
> (although they later owned it), but USL and Novell. Probably the last
> 'real' AT&T UNIX - UnixWare 2.0 announced itself as
> SVR4.2SMP ... although I think that an ICL DRS6000 also had SVR4.2SMP.

So - in this day and age, if one wanted to do some retro-computing - does anybody still have Unixware 2.0 around?  It's been years since I have seen it, and I'd like to again... 

I'm not even sure if it'd even run in vmware - but I'd give it a shot.  



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