[rescue] SVR3 man pages

Mike Meredith very at zonky.org
Sun Feb 27 09:33:35 CST 2011

On Sat, 26 Feb 2011 08:26:31 -0500, Andrew Jones wrote:
> Also, a really weird boot process -- the kernel sat on some SCO
> proprietary filesystem, then used that to load drivers to load the
> UFS root.

That sounds a whole like UnixWare which had BFS. This wasn't SCO at all
(although they later owned it), but USL and Novell. Probably the last
'real' AT&T UNIX - UnixWare 2.0 announced itself as
SVR4.2SMP ... although I think that an ICL DRS6000 also had SVR4.2SMP.

I don't remember SCO Unix having any weird boot filesystem at all,
although I could be wrong (it's been a _long_ time!).

The whole /opt/SCO/... thing is pretty much pure SVR{4 or 3}, although
SCO may have gone further down that route than others.

> Maybe it was "pure" from a "lack of useful BSD extensions"
> standpoint, but it sure didn't resemble AT&T UNIX.

You've got to go an even longer way back (apparently SVR1 in 1983 was
the first AT&T to get vi included) to find any AT&T UNIX without BSD
extensions - after all vi is a "BSD extension".

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