[rescue] Looking for terminal blocks / din rail type

John Lengeling John.Lengeling at radisys.com
Fri Feb 25 00:00:04 CST 2011

I assume the wire is melting as you don't have fuses or circuit breakers
on these circuits...

Sounds like you need a 48v distribution panel like what is used in

I have used Unipower 48v distribution panels:


I use Anderson PowerPoles for quick connect/disconnect of 48v power
connections.  They support 12v-48v and higher and different wire gauge


Not sure this is exactly what you want but I would start looking for
something like these.


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Odd one. We've got a robot arm at our hackerspace, and I'm looking to
the proper stuff to wire it up so the wire doesn't melt (again.)

I'm looking for DIN rail mount feed through type terminal blocks, but
that somehow connect together in a bus. All of the terminal blocks I
don't seem to bus easily, or I can't seem to find the parts that match
blocks to make it all work.

We're using Cisco power supply (42v @ 20amps) to feed gecko drives. 8
gauge wire I guess.

Any pointers or parts are of interest!!!

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