[rescue] What to do with a deal Ultra-60?

Andrew Gaylard ag at computer.org
Wed Feb 23 12:21:11 CST 2011

Well, my Ultra-60 died suddenly last week.

Fortunately, death came suddenly, there was no long,
drawn-out period of angst.  From working one day, to
dead the next. On ttya, I simply get "RED state excep"
and a whole lot of what we used to politely call "line noise"
in the old days.  Mostly, though, the power LED refuses
to light, although the drives power up fine, and ttya just
produces line noise.

Reseating the DIMMs, CPUs, and PCI cards didn't help,
so I guess it's terminal.  I'll miss this box; I've used it
almost daily for the last 3 years.  (Somehow x86 kit
never elicits this kind of reaction from me when it dies.)

So, is there any interest in the parts, especially from
my compatriots MJ and Jonathan (from whom the chassis
orginally came)?  I'm located in Johannesburg, South Africa.

The specs are:

2 x 400MHz CPUs
Elite3D-m6 and Creator graphics
36GB SCA disk
Type 5c keyboard and mouse

- Andrew

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