[rescue] any offers? 250 + 911s + sparcstation + misc

Doug Simmons arinekhen at gmail.com
Wed Feb 23 10:16:54 CST 2011

I'd hate to see this old friend recycled, but it's either that or parted out
and then recycled, I need the room. Here is the stack of stuff:


I turned the key for the first time in a couple of years recently, was
working fine. I can't remember now if it running 9 or 10. But the video up
and quit after a couple of days, and I'm tired of futzing with it.

Both power supplies work, all green lights.

There are six drives, mostly nines, in the server, all green lights.

There are two 911 enclosures. Both power up. One is empty and one has four
Ultra160 drives of unknown size. The last thing I remember doing with them
was using Solaris Volume Manager to RAID5 the drives. I had removed the
50-pin cabling and rigged the enclosure with an Ultra160 cable for this
purpose. Have the original cable.

Also: a sparcstation with a dead battery which you have to stuff with a MAC
to make boot, a boxed E250 documentation set, two 4mm tapes for the tape
drive, a bag of 16 Sun Ultra memory sticks of various sizes, two NIB Quantum
9gb drives (never been out of their antistatic bags), a type 5c keyboard
missing one key, a NIB 32x TEAC SCSI cdrom drive, and a Syquest external
SCSI drive and 6 44MB cartridges for it.

It's all in two boxes, somewhat less than $150 UPS ground unless you're
close to SIUC.

Any offers?

Doug Simmons

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