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Wed Feb 23 09:48:21 CST 2011

On Wed, Feb 23, 2011 at 10:14:57AM -0500, Tom Manos wrote:
>My project for today is to come up with some man pages from SVR3
>These will be for an AT&T 3B2 machine running SVR3.2.3 that did not come with
>machine readable man pages. Actually, the way they unbundled things in those
>days is another story that makes my blood boil still.
>So, although I would prefer the original nroff sources over catable files,
>beggars can't be choosers. It obviously does not matter what sort of machine
>they came from or even which version of SVR3. I'll miss a few of the machine
>dependent things, but 98% will be right.

Why do you do this to me? I thought I could sucessfully forget about 
the 3b2's. I left them behind in 1996, and thought I would never have to
look at them again. :-)

The disk images I have are the 3b2 SvsV R3.2 system. Didn't you download

I don't know of any method of getting the data off of them except by using
teledisk or imagedisk, but I thought somewhere there was a program that
would create a uncompressed, unlabeled file, which could be mounted via 
a loopback device on a modern UNIX/Linux system. 

Or if you had to, make the floppies and read them in. The files are simply
a bunch of CPIO archives (in those days CPIO was was thought to be the
standard UNIX backup program). I'm not even sure you would need to mount
them, I think CPIO will read them directly.

If you have the disk space, which should not be a problem on a modern system,
you can just restore all of the archives (not run the installer, just CPIO)
and then locate the ones you want with find.

Once you have them, getting them to the 3b2 should be trivial by now.


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