[rescue] SCSI2 to IDE (was: Re: SCSI 50 to 68 to 80 pin thingies)

der Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Wed Feb 23 08:24:32 CST 2011

> SCA is a form of 68-pin SCSI with the additional pins for power, and
> designed to be hot-swappable.

Also pins for SCSI ID.

But yes, it is just a mechanical difference.  I've got a few adapters
between SCA (which IIRC is 80-pin) and 68-pin SCSI which are totally
passive, just connectors and a bit of PC board.  (I've even got one
which goes to 50-pin instead of 68-pin.)  They have multiple connectors
on the "other" (non-SCA) side - SCSI bus, power, and config, where the
latter includes SCSI ID and I think a few other things (it's been a
while since I looked at one; I can't recall details).

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