[rescue] SCSI2 to IDE (was: Re: SCSI 50 to 68 to 80 pin thingies)

Nate nate at portents.com
Tue Feb 22 23:30:47 CST 2011

On Feb 22, 2011, at 9:35 PM, Sheldon T. Hall wrote:

> Saith J. Alexander Jacocks ...
>> In fact, I've never seen a 2.5" parallel
>> SCSI disk of > 500mb, from any OEM.
> Is SCA "parallel SCSI?"  Somewhere in deep storage I have a Seagate 36 GB
> 2.5" SCA-interface drive.  My impression is that they were made to go in
> "blade" servers, but didn't catch on.  It's the only 2.5" SCSI drive I've
> ever seen.

SCA is a form of 68-pin SCSI with the additional pins for power, and designed
to be hot-swappable.

While 2.5" SCA hard drives aren't super-common, there are a number of models
that were made.  However their usefulness to anyone looking for 2.5" SCSI hard
drives for older systems is going to be very limited for the following

1) 2.5" SCA hard drives are to my knowledge all 15mm high, rather than the
12mm or 9.5mm you'd see in most notebook/portable applications for the 2.5"
form factor.

2) 2.5" SCA hard drives would need to be adapted to notebook SCSI cabling
somehow, which is typically a 40-pin IDC connector, and while it might be
possible with an SCA to 50-pin IDC connector SCSI adapter and then a 50-pin
IDC to 40-pin IDC adapter or cable, and adapt power from the IDC 40-pin to
4-pin Molex for the SCA adapter, you'd have a mess of adapters and cables that
would be unlikely to fit in anything looking for a 2.5" SCSI drive.

3) 2.5" SCA hard drives are typically 10k RPM and are likely to put out far
more heat than any notebook/portable system would expect a 2.5" drive to put
out (assuming you could somehow shoehorn it in).

- Nate

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