[rescue] [geeks] FT/FS:MacPro RAM: PC2-5300 ECC

David Muran-de Assereto dmuran at tuad.org
Thu Feb 17 20:49:59 CST 2011

I just upgraded the RAM in my Pro, and I have no need for the old RAM. So, I
have 4x512MB and 2x1GB modules, in zip 22310.
Make me an offer. For trades, my fancy of late has been embedded or SFF stuff,
so that would work.


David Muran-de Assereto
dmuran at tuad.org
I'm going to write a C library called libtruncate.  Every time somebody needs
to truncate an array, they will feel obligated to use my library instead of
writing five lines of their own code to do the job.  And I will make
libtruncate depend on Gnome AND KDE.
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