[rescue] [geeks] Some hardware for sale, based in England

rik rose rikrose at gmail.com
Thu Feb 17 20:46:44 CST 2011

Hello all,

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My landlord has moved away and asked me to sell off his collection of Sun
gear. I suspect that some of the networking gear needs to go too. I don't
know the state of all of it yet - it's still being cataloged - I thought I'd
drop an email to the lists to give people a heads-up and to let you know
that while I'm an unknown stranger with a bunch of Sun gear, I'm known to
Bill and I'm the rik on the IRC channel.

There is an E10k, a couple of E4k's, a couple of E4k5's, and a few disk
arrays (RSM springs to mind as an acronym, but I want to check first). There
are a couple of shelves of spare boards, since the machines are largely
populated already.

This collection is all near Reading in the south of England, and is for
sale. I'll get pictures and details ASAP, hopefully tonight, and post to the
list again. If you have questions let me know.


Rik Rose
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