[rescue] [geeks] FS: Popcorn Hour media streaming boxes

Bill Bradford mrbill at mrbill.net
Thu Feb 17 20:45:11 CST 2011

I replaced my AppleTV with these about 5-6 months ago and have been very
happy.  They're used daily (one of them is running almost continuously) to
stream movies and music off a CIFS/SMB share on my local network, to two
different TVs.

I've decided to replace them with XBMC media center PCs for various
reasons (mostly so I can eventually run Boxee).

Popcorn Hour A100:

(note that this review is old, and there have been massive software
improvements since then)

eGreat M34A (runs same basic firmware as the A100):


I would like $150 (shipped) for both units; I'd prefer to sell them
together and not separately.


Bill Bradford 
Houston, Texas
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