[rescue] What do people think of a Sun Fire V210^W^W Ultra 45

Andrew Gaylard ag at computer.org
Thu Feb 10 07:10:45 CST 2011

While on the topic of recommendations,  I'm about to purchase a slightly-used
Ultra-45 for personal use.  Is anybody willing to share their
experiences with these boxes?

Single-CPU @ 1.6GHz, 1GB RAM, 250GB disk, graphics.

- Andrew

On Wed, Feb 9, 2011 at 3:05 PM, Phil Stracchino <alaric at metrocast.net> wrote:
> On 02/09/11 07:40, Nemo wrote:
>>> A local recyler has one.  Opinions are sought.
>> The results are, so far, 2 in favour, 1 against, and 1 lukewarm.  Anybody
>> else?
> I like mine; they're compact, reasonably speedy, and SPARC.  However,
> they shut down if their internal temperature drops below 5C, a
> temperature limit which cannot to my knowledge be reconfigured, and as
> mentioned, they throw a lot of spurious PSU faults because the PSU fan
> isn't spinning at quite the speed it should be.  I don't know whether
> the newer PSU fixes this issue.
> Yes, they're loud.  Let's face it, almost all 1U servers are loud.  You
> don't want one in your livingroom.

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