[rescue] kind of [SUMMARY] SIL3124 and Solaris Sparc support

Jerry Kemp sun.mail.list47 at oryx.cc
Wed Feb 9 08:13:26 CST 2011

Thanks for your reply Joshua.

Please see in line comments

On 02/09/11 08:04, Joshua Boyd wrote:
> On 2/8/2011 11:53 PM, Jerry Kemp wrote:
>> In addition to this list, I also posted my question to the OpenSolaris
>> ZFS list, which in turn, prompted a reply from Eric Trimble @ Oracle.
>> To cut to the chase, my card will not work in my Sparc system, but not
>> due to lack of software or drivers. Apparently, my real problem is
>> actually a hardware problem. I would need a card that supports Openboot.
> OpenBoot support is only required if you plan to boot from the card. I
> forget if that is what you were trying to do or not.

I am not planning to use external storage to boot from.  Internal 
storage for the OS only.  I need the external storage for data only.

>> It was suggested that I would not be able to find such an animal, and
>> that my Plan B should be to replace my eSATA card with a SAS hba. I was
>> given an added pointer that the LSI1068 chip set would be a good place
>> to start looking, again with the stipulation of OpenBoot support.
> Numerous LSI SAS cards work fine under Solaris/SPARC. I don't know
> anyone trying to boot from one, but I do know people using them for SATA
> disks for extra storage.
>> So now I am looking for a SAS hba for my Netra T1 and/or a V120.
> The LSI SAS3800X is sometimes affordable on eBay, and other times it is
> about $300. I recently saw a bunch of LSI SAS3041Xs for under $50, don't
> know if they are still there. Both of those will work under Solaris
> SPARC, but again I don't know anyone booting from them.
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