[rescue] CBM 1541 to Mac?

Joost van de Griek gyorpb at gmail.com
Mon Feb 7 08:20:23 CST 2011

Greetings, Rescuers.

Last week I received, from my sister's colleague, a Commodore 64 (B
model, beige breadbox with rainbow logo), a 1541 disk drive and two
boxes of floppies (I estimate about 75-100 pcs.). I don't actually
have room in my collection (or my house, for that matter!) for another
machine, but said colleague had uncovered his long-lost first computer
when breaking away some wood panelling in the attic, and although
pressured by his other half, couldn't bring himself to throw it away.
What was I to do but to offer refuge to this beloved childhood

So now I am the proud owner of a Commodore 64 and accompanying
diskette drive in immaculate condition. (Being store *inside* a wall
for twenty-odd years has done wonders to prevent case discolouration!)
While I do aspire to one day build upon this basis a full C64 setup, I
currently have no monitor for the C64, nor even a TV I can connect it
to. So while it might be a while before I can actually get things
working. First order of business, therefore, is to rescue as much as
possible from the large collection of floppies. I've been doing some
Googling on this, but so far, all I found is talk of cables that
interface to a parallel port on a Windows box, and I don't have ready
access to a Windows machine.

Which boils the question down to:
Does anyone here know of a way to transfer the contents of Commodore
1541 floppies to a Mac without firing up the C64?


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