[rescue] Fwd: Sun Ultra 40 M2 EATX-SSI Power Supply?

Ben Greisler ben at kadimac.com
Mon Dec 12 13:11:37 CST 2011

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> Assuming that the U40 M2 is not much different than the silver U20
> models, you can swap in a normal motherboard, as a couple of my
> coworkers have done to stealth upgrade their work boxes.  AFAIK, it
> takes a normal PSU as well, though you will need to double-check
> dimensions.  The only issue is the power switch cluster.  Apparently
> that takes some re-wiring.  The *purple* workstations will not work,
> though, unless you do major surgery to the case, as the standoffs are
> not a standard ATX pattern.  The right side of the purple case does
> not come off, so that complicates trying to modify it.
> Also, due to the floods in Thailand, 3TB disks have jumped for $109 in
> late Oct to $179 or higher as of this week.  Most vendors (Newegg,
> Amazon, etc.) have a limit on disk purchases as well.  Now is not a
> good time to be speccing out a multi-disk array for home.
> =Nadine=
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The U20 is a different chassis than the U40 with the U20 being more "standard
PC" in design. Still a nice little box, but different enough than the U40 to
be in a different class.

BTW: I have a U40 (not M2) that I am looking to sell if anyone knows someone
who wants one.


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