[rescue] AT&T 3B2

Sandwich Maker adh at an.bradford.ma.us
Sun Dec 4 15:28:19 CST 2011

" From: John Floren <john at jfloren.net>
" I'm always on the lookout for one of those too... and/or a Blit
" terminal aka the DMD 5620. Unfortunately I don't think I've ever seen
" either available.

ah, nostalgia...  3b2s were my first prof sysadm job.

and, not that i have one, but would you take a 630 or 730 [rom
upgrade] mtg instead of a 5620?  much more powerful.

i had one on my desk, with the expansion port option, acting as console
to 2 3b2/600s and running layers on a vax on the 3rd port.  6 more in
my lab as test system consoles, running their systems under layers,
from those 2 3b2s.  i have a paper in the bell labs technical library
[if it still exists] describing that test architecture.  good times...
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