[rescue] Sun Sparcstation 20 hard disks

Steve Sandau ssandau at gwi.net
Thu Aug 25 20:36:11 CDT 2011

Mouse wrote:
>> See, that's the thing.  BACKWARD continuity is easy.  It's relatively
>> easy for the hardware-housed me-consciousness instance to wake up
>> with all the memories and experiences of the wetware me-consciousness
>> instance.
>> What's hard is forward continuity - for the me-consciousness instance
>> that is present in the wetware to go to sleep and wake up in the
>> hardware.
> What's the difference?
> That's a serious question.  I'm not convinced there actually is any
> difference between those two.
> It amounts to defining exactly what "the me-consciousness instance" is;
> you seem to have some meaning for it for which there actually is a
> distinction there, whereas I'm not sure there is such a thing.  It
> seems at least plausible (though definitely not certain) to me that the
> consciousness instance *is* the continuity of memory and experience.

The difference is whether or not *I* wake up in my copy. When I (as the 
original to be copied or moved) "go to sleep" do I wake up in the copy 
or does something that jut contains my memories wake up? The question is 
  whether my consciousness is transferred or not.


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