[rescue] Sun Sparcstation 20 hard disks

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Thu Aug 25 19:34:40 CDT 2011

" From: Phil Stracchino <alaric at metrocast.net>
" On 08/25/11 16:25, Mouse wrote:
" >>> Though seriously, I consider it within the bounds of possibility
" >>> that, assuming we do not suffer a civilization crash, by the time my
" >>> physical body's ability to sustain me is exhausted, we will have the
" >>> capability to opt for upload into zettabyte space.
" >> what bothers me about that is, it's like email - only a -copy- of the
" >> -original-, which still dies.
" > 
" > In a sense.  But in some sense, we're all dying all the time.

we're also all regenerating all the time.

" > It's continuity of sense-of-self, which mostly means continuity of
" > memory, that I care about.  If my mind can be moved to a silicon
" > substrate, I wouldn't care about the meat substrate I left behind any
" > more than I care about the way my current body's cells keep dying all
" > the time now.
" See, that's the thing.  BACKWARD continuity is easy.  It's relatively
" easy for the hardware-housed me-consciousness instance to wake up with
" all the memories and experiences of the wetware me-consciousness instance.
" What's hard is forward continuity - for the me-consciousness instance
" that is present in the wetware to go to sleep and wake up in the hardware.
" To look at it another way, copying is easy; moving is hard.

that is the very nub of my gist, if i may quote j. cleese...  making a
copy then destroying the original - as in the star trek transporter -
may appear to have the same effect as moving to observers, but it's
very different for the principals involved.
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