[rescue] Sun Sparcstation 20 hard disks

Lex Landa brooknet at imap.cc
Thu Aug 25 16:29:43 CDT 2011

On Thu, 2011-08-25 at 17:06 -0400, Phil Stracchino wrote:

> What's hard is forward continuity - for the me-consciousness instance
> that is present in the wetware to go to sleep and wake up in the hardware.

This is a similar debate as to the one of Star Trek transporter
technology: to move something, you have to make a copy of something, and
then kill the original.  As Mouse says, if we're dying all the time and
so, we choose to replace the failing biological hardware with
silicon-based technology that is immune to the ravages of time, at which
point do we cease to be 'the old selves' and become 'new, improved'?
This is the sort of thing that I was thinking about as I was out
walking, earlier: I walked through a field that I had not visited for
many years.  In some part of my memory, my experiences of that earlier
time were recorded - but was the me who walked through the original
field the same me as reflected on it, later?

I think I need a stiff drink.


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