[rescue] Sun Sparcstation 20 hard disks

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Thu Aug 25 08:13:37 CDT 2011

>> Eventually.  Given the failure rates I've been seeing and my
>> lifespan expectation, I'm pretty close to having enough to, in
>> statistical terms, last until I die.
> I was kinda planning on passing on the whole dying thing, myself.  it
> sounds boring.   ;)

I dunno.  Unless I change in some very fundamental way (move my mind to
silicon instead of protein maybe, if that becomes possible in time), I
don't expect to want to live forever.

I can think of three reasons offhand: (1) boredom, (2) curiosity, and
(3) distaste for the world.

Not that I'm in any hurry.  Yet. :)

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