[rescue] Sun Sparcstation 20 hard disks

Mouse mouse at Rodents-Montreal.ORG
Thu Aug 25 07:49:20 CDT 2011

>> Spending some coin on a modern disk for the SS20 will not of
>> necessity be a waste -- even if the SS20 blows an unobtanium chip
>> the disk can be used in something else quite handily and the dead
>> SS20 used as a donor system for another SS20.
> Eventually the supply of SS20's will dry up completely and there
> won't be any more to put those donor parts in :-(


But disks fail faster than just about anything else in a '20, at least
in my experience.

> In a much more accelerated situation I'm attempting to locate a
> working 286/386 laptop at about 16mHz, faster/slower is ok, or a
> turbo/slow switch to bring it up or down.

Let me dig around a bit; I may have one I haven't yet got around to
throwing out.

> [...]
> Eventually that will happen with SS20s.

Eventually.  Given the failure rates I've been seeing and my lifespan
expectation, I'm pretty close to having enough to, in statistical
terms, last until I die.

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