[rescue] Sun Sparcstation 20 hard disks

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Thu Aug 25 07:28:56 CDT 2011

> [SS20s] were introduced in 1994.  How old were you then ?

Either 29 or 30, depending on when in 1994.

Either you really think _my_ age has something to do with the SS20's
reliability, in which case I have to wonder what you're using for
logic, or you're just getting ad hominem, in which case I can only
assume you have no relevant argument so you're resorting to irrelevant
arguments.  Or, perhaps, you're just trolling.

Whichever way, I see no point in attempting to discuss further with
you.  I do see two relevant points in the rest of your mail, though:

> Anyway, my point was why worry about buying new hard drives when you
> have working ones any anything else could go as well.

Because disks are quite likely to be the next part that fails.  Moving
mechanical parts, and all that.  Certainly my own experience supports
the idea that the next part to fail in a '20 will probably be disk.

> If you are saying you should use them for anything that matters

Depends on what matters.  Using computers I like matters to me, so yes,
I think I'm using them for something that matters.

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