[rescue] Sun Sparcstation 20 hard disks

Simon Fryer fryers at gmail.com
Thu Aug 25 03:17:13 CDT 2011


Hmmm. Troll bait!

Anyway... There are some electronics, working happily since the
1970's, speeding their way out of the solar system. I guess there are
no moving parts.

While I don't think the SS20 is really of the same hardware grade as
the average satellite, as far as hardware goes, the SS20 is pretty

And besides, I think the systems in question need replacement HDD
that are quiet and cooler than the original disks. Plus it helps when
the amount of HDD connected to a machine is greater than a cheap USB
memory stick.

For *real* work, I guess you could buy a xGHz machine, with y
processors and z GB of memory.. Which really, would only give you more
wrong answers sooner.

On 25 August 2011 15:42, leaknoil <leaknoil at charter.net> wrote:
> Personally I think you're an idiot but, that's just me. Yes there are that
> many parts in a SS20. Any one can fail. They were introduced in 1994. How
> old were you then ?  I thought so.
> Anyway, my point was why worry about buying new hard drives when you have
> working ones any anything else could go as well.  You should not be using a
> ss20 for anything important. Of course, there are people that have no
> choice. Pretty sure you aren't one.
> They are great machines. Fun to play with. That is why most of us are here.
> We used these things when they were current. We used them to run businesses
> and crunch numbers. Would we now if given a choice ? No way.  If you are
> saying you should use them for anything that matters then please read the
> first sentence again.
> On 8/24/2011 11:54 PM, Mouse wrote:
>  If you think this way I have to wonder what you are doing here. We aren't
> here because we think old machines produce more computation per watt, per
> second, or whatever. We're here because we like playing with old machines.
> Saying that something done to keep an old machine running is "wasting
> is completely missing the point. Or, at least, that's my understanding of
> it. It's certainly accurate as applied to me.
>>> There are probably 1000's of components in a SS20 abut ready to go.
>> Actually, probably not.  (I'm not convinced there are thousands of
>> components in a SS20 at all, but aside from that.)
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