[rescue] Sun Sparcstation 20 hard disks

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Thu Aug 25 01:54:13 CDT 2011

> Why are you even worried ?  You are playing around with a bunch of
> twenty year old computers.  Stop wasting money on it.

If you think this way I have to wonder what you are doing here.  We
aren't here because we think old machines produce more computation per
watt, per second, or whatever.  We're here because we like playing with
old machines.  Saying that something done to keep an old machine
running is "wasting money" is completely missing the point.

Or, at least, that's my understanding of it.  It's certainly accurate
as applied to me.

> There are probably 1000's of components in a SS20 abut ready to go.

Actually, probably not.  (I'm not convinced there are thousands of
components in a SS20 at all, but aside from that.)

I run Suns (SBus-era Suns, like the SS20).  They basically never break.
Most of my other machines in routine live use are peecees; they break
regularly.  Decades of experience indicates that, for whatever reason,
Suns of that era are significantly more reliable than today's "typical"

> They might not but, they very well could.  They eventually will.

Eventually, yes.  But "eventually" could very well be multiple decades
off, and - for me and those like me - keeping it running during those
decades is worth putting money, time, and effort into.

> If you are worried about the hard drives failing in a ss20 you're not
> really grasping what you are playing with.  Those you can replace.

Quite.  So why are you taking someone to task for trying to do exactly

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