[rescue] Sun Sparcstation 20 hard disks

Oliver Cromwell vintagehacker at gmail.com
Wed Aug 24 15:13:13 CDT 2011


I have just acquired through various sources quite a nice lab of
Sparcstation systems -

4 x Sparcstation 20
4 x Sparcstation 10
1 x Sparcstation 4 (NEW in box!)
1 x Sparcstation 2

I've gotten as far as completely cleaning the 20's and the 4 on the outside
with rubbing alcohol in order to restore them to near new cosmetic condition
and have also removed cards and vacuumed the insides before putting them
back together again.  I also ordered NVRAM replacements for one of the 20's
and the 4 which required it.  I have yet to clean the SS10's and the SS2.

My big concern is the current state of the hard drives, and they range in
size and age it appears.  I would like to fully replace all disks on these
systems with new disks but need some guidance.  It looks like they are SCA-2
disks with a single-connector interface and a SS can use disks up to 2GB in
size.  Is there a source for these disks new?

Also, can older versions of Solaris & SunOS and the hardware itself
recognize much larger disks?  It looks like the old disks, even in
refurbished form are pretty expensive and I have yet to find a new
replacement or alternative.  Ideally I would like a modern, quieter disk in
these systems if that is possible.

I plan to install a different version of Solaris on each system and have
much of the older media already.


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